March 18, 2020

Classic Dark Lotion vs Instant Bronzing Mist

It’s the battle of our bestsellers! But who will you love more? Read below to find out why our Classic Dark Lotion and our Instant Bronzing Mist are our most loved products.

Lotion or Mist?

It’s a pretty tough decision!

Lotions are loved for their smooth, rich texture which makes our skin feel hydrated. It’s consistency also allows longer time for you to blend the product, meaning you can take your time giving yourself the most flawless, streak-free tan ever!


A mist is so lightweight and if you’re looking to go out whilst your tan is still developing this is a better match for your clothes. More lightweight, meaning you barely know it’s there! No stickiness and dries almost instantly. (We still recommend wearing dark clothes whilst your tan is developing!)

Which look are you going for?

Now, a lot of our Xen-Tan lovers keep coming back because they can’t get enough of that signature Classic Olive Undertone. Our Classic Dark Lotion is the best product for achieving this look!


Is a professional spray tan more your style? Our Instant Bronzing Mist gives you professional-looking results at home, achieving a gorgeous and natural colour- people will be asking you if you’ve been on holiday! (It’s THAT good…)

Fruity or Neutral?

Say goodbye to horrible, fake tanning smells- once you try Xen-Tan, you’ll never look back!

Our Classic Dark Lotion has a delicious, Cherry Almond Scent that you won’t be able to get enough of (We’re obsessed!)


Our Instant Bronzing Mist has a gorgeous light, vanilla scent- smells just like a Xen-Tan professional spray tan!

So, how will you decide?

It’s a pretty tough decision but here’s some factors that both these beloved tans share…

They are both tinted during application, this is great as you can see exactly where your tan is going on your skin (super easy and perfect for beginners!)

They both result in a long-lasting dark tan. Due to our longer-lasting DHA and NaturaTan+, our products can last up to 10 days! (Check out our Fresh Prep Scrub for those maximum results)

Both of these gorgeous products only take three hours to fully develop, perfect for those last-minute tanners or for those of you who don’t love sleeping in your tan- BTW you can still sleep in them! It won’t go a horrible colour if left on for more than three hours.

Grab yourself our Classic Dark Lotion HERE or Checkout our Instant Bronzing Mist HERE