March 18, 2020

Create the perfect canvas for your Xen-Tan!

Giving your skin a little TLC before and after tanning will give you the best canvas for your Xen-Tan!
Say HELLO to maximum, flawless results from your Xen-Tan bottle with these essential steps:

Scrub to your heart’s content!

Our Fresh Prep Scrub is designed to be used with your Xen-Tan tanning products. Its non-abrasive formula makes it perfect for gently loosening dead skin cells before the application of fake tan. We recommend starting to exfoliate a couple of days before you tan and 12 to 24 hours before application too! Shop our Fresh Prep Scrub HERE

Get rid of those prickly hairs

You want to make sure your skin is as smooth as possible to ensure an even, streak-free tan. If you need to wax or shave, we recommend doing this at least 24 hours before the application of your tan!

Keep that skin hydrated!

Dry skin when tanning is a big NO-NO. Keep moisturising in the days leading up to the application of your tan to ensure your skin is hydrated. We don’t recommend moisturising the day of your application because this can stop the full development of your tan. However, if you have certain areas that are particularly dry e.g. elbows, knees, you can lightly moisturise them before applying your tan (make sure to use an oil-free moisturiser!)

Right before you tan…

Make sure your skin is clean of any deodorant, perfume and makeup.
You can also apply a small amount of Vaseline to your nails to keep them tan-free!

How to keep that glow lasting:

After you’ve washed off your gorgeous Xen-Tan, make sure to leave your skin clean of any moisturiser until 24 hours after application as your tan is still developing and settling on the skin.
After those 24 hours, you can scrub and moisturise when you feel is necessary to keep your skin hydrated. Our Fresh Prep Scrub is designed to be used after the application of your tan to make it last longer, so it won’t strip your skin of any colour! You can order Fresh Prep Scrub HERE