March 19, 2020

10 Reasons to LOVE Xen-Tan

Ever wondered why Xen-Tan has been the one on everyone’s lips for years from fake tan lovers to celebrities!

We’re giving you the top 10 reasons why…

⦁ That Gorgeous Range

We provide lotions, mists and mousses, making sure your preferred way of tanning is available to you!

⦁ Our Signature Olive-Undertone

This is one of the main reasons we have so many loyal customers, they just can’t seem to get enough of that natural, olive undertone!

⦁ Long-Lasting

Our new range has been infused with longer-lasting DHA and NaturaTan+ to keep you glowing for longer!

⦁ Fast Results

All our tanning products only take 3 hours to fully develop, perfect for those last-minute tanners!

⦁ Smells Amazing

You will get ADDICTED (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!) All our products have different scents from vanilla to cherry almond, but they are all as equally delicious.

⦁ Filled with Nourishing Ingredients

Our tanning products are all filled with ingredients that are going to help your skin to feel nourished and hydrated.

Check out our main ingredients list HERE

⦁ Cruelty-Free

Of course, we are cruelty-free!

⦁ Dark Results

All our products have been infused with more DHA and so, achieve a dark tan. If you want our Darkest ever tan, check out our Intense Tanning Lotion HERE

⦁ Great Fade

Despite your tan lasting from 7-10 days, it will fade naturally. Xen-Tan is a premium tan filled with the best ingredients which means no “scaly” or patchy fade

⦁ Doesn’t Contain Parabens, Gluten or Sulfates

Yep, no nasties!