April 06, 2020

Our guide to feeling fabulous at home!

It is important to see the light in times of darkness and whether you are staying at home or working on the frontline, we want you to feel fabulous!

Check out our most loved ideas below…

Relax in the bath, ahh…

We’re in stressful times at the moment, so don’t forget those important moments needed to detox that mind of yours- oh and don’t forget that glass of wine too!

(Image @sarahtiff_)

Get living room ready!

Dress in your most stylish loungewear (beautifully demonstrated by @sarahtiff_), step into those comfy slippers and you’ll feel gorgeous, ready to take on your day!

The Best Kept Beauty Secret…

Say HELLO to one of our sister brands, just recently launched in the UK! And oh boy do they know how to make you feel fabulous. Pop these capsules every morning and night to help boost your energy levels, reduce your cravings and lots of other handy little stuff. 100% natural ingredients so you’re only getting the goods! Check out their insta @thetonikuk and find out what each of their bottles can do for you.

Get your GLOW on!

We all know that a tan is the perfect remedy to helping us feel more confident so get out your fave Xen-Tan bottle and get your skin bronzed! You’ll be feeling fabulous in no time.

Keep that body moving!

It’s so important to stay active whilst at home, it’s essential for our health but it also makes us feel pretty good too. Exercise releases endorphins in your body which make you feel happy and we all need some positivity right now! So go for that jog, dig out that yoga matt or join in on some live workout videos online- you won’t regret it.

Treat Yo’Self

Show yourself some love with a little pampering. You could try a face mask, nail treatment, or check out one of our sister brands- Baby Foot! A foot peel is the perfect treatment for relaxation and if you’re a frontline worker, Baby Foot is perfect for those tired, overworked feet! You deserve it <3 Check out our insta @babyfootuk