April 13, 2020

Your Lockdown Tanning Guide

Whether you’re staying at home or working on the frontline, we want you to feel your best! And we know what we Xen-Tan junkies need to feel our best…

Our beloved Xen-Tan fix!

Staying safe and staying bronzed is definitely our motto right now, show yourself some love with our lockdown tanning guide.

Missing your regular Professional Spray Tan?

We got you covered! Our Instant Bronzing Mist achieves the EXACT SAME results as our Xen-Tan Spray tans at the salon. Smells just as gorgeous too! Here’s our Xen-Tan babe @eleanorfellowsx showing off her Instant Bronzing Mist results. Shop HERE

Can’t wait till you’re back off holiday with that super dark tan everyone is jealous of?

Our Intense Tanning Lotion is our darkest tanning product yet! (And we can’t get enough of it!) It’s super dark, ultra-nourishing and long-lasting. No sun required for this colour! Here’s @emjadeashley looking bronzed in our Intense Tanning Lotion. Shop HERE

Tackling the struggle of social distancing and not being able to tan your back by yourself…

We have solved that problem for you with our Hard-to-Reach Back Applicator. It works with any mist, lotion or mousse, comes with 5 foam pads to use, and makes the application super easy. You’ll never need an extra pair of hands ever again! Shop HERE

Give your skin a lil’ TLC…

Our skin deserves some pampering so get ready for your new favourite skin treatment to prep your skin for tanning!
Say HELLO to our sister brand Dermasuri- the deep exfoliation treatment. All you need is to add water and your skin will be peeling away before your very eyes! It’s an absolute game changer for fake tanning- believe us! It’s exclusively on our website right now. Shop HERE

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