April 20, 2020

The tan that everybody’s talking about…

There’s a fake tanning product that’s on everybody’s lips and of course, it’s one of our bestsellers!

Our Classic Dark Lotion has been a go-to tanning product for many Xen-Tan lovers over the years. It’s gorgeous, natural results have created quite the loyal fan base for itself and many were excited to try the new and improved formula!

The original bottle was loved for it’s signature olive undertone, it’s delicious cherry almond scent, and it’s perfect fade.

Our new and updated Classic Dark Lotion has all this and more!

It’s new formula has been infused with longer-lasting DHA and NaturaTan+, resulting in a darker, longer-lasting tan! What more could we ask for?

Here’s Xen-Tan babe @franbellll ‘s results after just three hours!

You can check out our Classic Dark Lotion HERE