April 27, 2020

Tanning Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

We’ve all been there, and we want to help you achieve your most flawless tan yet without having to experience these tanning mistakes…

The Obvious One: Streaks!

Make sure you tan from the bottom of your body upwards; we tend to start with the feet and legs, and finish with the face and hands! This avoids any creasing (which lead to streaks!) when you bend down if you were to do the top half of your body first.

Super Dark Hands

Your hands tend to absorb tan heavier than most parts of your body, that’s why we can’t tan them the same as everywhere else! Make sure to apply a lil’ bit of moisturiser on your hands before applying (preferably oil-free.) Always use the excess tan off your mitt so you don’t end up using too much product by mistake! Apply evenly on top of your hands, in between your fingers and blend it lightly on your wrists. *Pro Tip* Try using a fluffy makeup brush to apply instead of your mitt- this will help you achieve the most natural look!

Dry Skin Causing Patchiness

Make sure to moisturise and exfoliate in the days prior to applying your tan to make sure your skin acts as the perfect base! Our favourite exfoliating product is Dermasuri’s body mitt, only £12.99 on our website right now. It’s super unique because you can see the skin peeling right off in the shower! Grab yours HERE 

Just before applying your tan, treat those dry areas of your body to a small amount of oil-free moisturiser such as; ankles, knees, elbows.

Following the days after applying, keep on top of that skin hydration by using our Fresh Prep Scrub. It gently exfoliates, making your tan last longer and preps your skin for another layer if you wish! You can shop our Fresh Prep Scrub HERE

“Scaly” Skin

We’ve all experienced a tan that has left our skin super dried out and looking a lot like tiger bread. Xen-Tan is jam packed with nutritious ingredients which help to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated, so you can say goodbye to “scaly” skin!

Missing patches on your back because you can’t reach!

Xen-Tan have solved this one for you. Our hard to reach back applicator makes it super easy to tan your back all by yourself with minimal effort required! You can grab yours HERE

And finally, after all the tanning is done…ruined bed sheets

If you’re worried about staining your sheets, always opt for a clear mousse! Our Luxe Tanning Mousse is perfect for you, it goes on clear so there’s no transfer to clothes or bed sheets. You can grab yours HERE If you happen to get any Xen-Tan products on your sheets, the colour will always come out! Our products are filled with the finest ingredients possible so they will never stain.