May 04, 2020

The Only Way You Should Be Tanning In The Good Weather

We’ve experienced some pretty good weather during lockdown so far and many of us have taken to the garden to get that summer tan started. All we can say is…

“Fake it till you make it!”

There are so many risks with sun tanning and overexposure to rays that it’s pretty much a no brainer. You can achieve a dark, natural colour in just 3 hours with ANY of our self-tanning products!

Of course, it’s important to get that Vitamin D (in the garden obviously!) so if you still want to chill in the sunshine:

  • Always wear sun cream (our tanning products DO NOT provide protection against those rays!)
  • Don’t spend too long in the sun
  • Drink water and stay hydrated!

The ingredients in Xen-Tan are super nourishing so they will never dry out your skin. However, after chillin’ in the garden, we recommend moisturising and using our Fresh Prep Scrub the next time you hit the shower. This will keep your skin hydrated and help your Xen-Tan results to last much longer!

Obviously we’re not health professionals, so if you need a lil’ guidance on sun exposure please check out the NHS website.

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