May 11, 2020

Our Darkest Tan Yet!

Say HELLO to our darkest tan yet… Xen-Tan’s Intense Tanning Lotion.

This lil’ bottle has been infused with even more DHA which will leave your skin super bronzed! Full of nourishing ingredients, our Intense Tanning Lotion is long-lasting, hydrating and fades naturally- you’ll never have to worry about patchiness or the “cracking effect.”

Darkest tan yet

Our Intense Tanning Lotion goes on clear and fully develops into a dark tan in just three hours- perfect for those last minute tanners! And as everyone loves the smell of our tans, this bottle has a gorgeous cucumber, melon scent. You won’t be able to get enough of it!

And of course, Intense Tanning Lotion achieves our signature olive undertone leaving you with a dark, natural glow. You can shop our Intense Tanning Lotion HERE