May 17, 2020

Positive Vibes Only With Xen-Tan

It’s very easy right now to feel a little low and anxious which is why our team at Xen-Tan want to share with you our best tips for staying positive!

Of course our no 1 tip… Get your tan on!

There’s nothing like waking up to bronzed, glowing skin- this really lifts our spirits and makes us feel like we can take on anything! If you would like to check out our tanning range, click HERE

Tip no 2: Crank up the volume on that radio!

Music definitely effects our mood and we guarantee that if you start your day with your favourite tunes, you’ll be feeling super positive about the day ahead! So turn up the volume and have a little dance to make you feel good.

Super important tip: Do whatever makes you happy

There is pressure to make good use of your time at home e.g. working out or planning for when lockdown is lifted. This is great if you want to do that and it makes you feel good! However, this isn’t for everyone and don’t let it make you feel bad if you are taking this time to chill out and relax- you do you! Enjoy this time as best you can and appreciate your health & those of you who are still working hard.

Remember this…

This won’t last forever and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Stay positive and look forward to when we are happier and healthier as a nation. Plan what your next outing will be with your gals or make a list of your favourite things you’ll be doing once this is over!

Dress up or dress down!

Whether you’re going glam or you’re a cosy kind of gal, we’ve learnt this lockdown that what we’re wearing definitely has an effect on our mood! We love wearing our comfy and cute loungewear outfits, but equally we enjoy days where we get to do our hair and makeup! Enjoy picking out your outfit in the morning and chose what makes you feel confident.

Don’t forget those everyday achievements- no matter how small!

You might have gotten out of bed earlier or maybe you’ve submitted your uni dissertation! Any achievement for you should be celebrated, whether it’s big or small. I don’t know about you but all our days are mushing into one! Don’t let that erase all your achievements over the past few weeks. 

We hope you’ve loved reading our tips & remember- positive vibes only!