June 03, 2020

Can’t make it to the salon? Say HELLO to our Instant Bronzing Mist…

Introducing the at-home equivalent to our Xen-Tan professional spray tans, our Instant Bronzing Mist!

With its new and improved formula, we made sure that it achieves a longer lasting tan by including lots of super nourishing ingredients! This means no dreaded patchy fades or dried out skin.

We also wanted the application process to be super easy for you. Its lightweight mist consistency makes it super easy to blend but with no stickiness! It also has a dark, tinted guide colour which makes it suitable for beginners too. And like all of our other tanning products, you’ll only have to keep it on for a minimum of three hours!

And of course, you’ll be achieving that signature Xen-Tan glow with Instant Bronzing Mist. Dark, natural-looking results with an olive undertone- this handy little product will achieve the same results as a spray tan with us! So you can say goodbye to those orange, streaky tanning days.

And did we mention it smells gorgeous too! No horrible biscuit smell, just a light vanilla scent.

You can check out our Instant Bronzing Mist here