June 08, 2020

Mousse, Mist or Lotion?

It can be tricky choosing your tan, especially if you’re a beginner!

We decided to put together our favourite things about using a mousse, mist or a lotion for self-tanning. It really is personal preference but we want to help you choose the tan best suited to you!  

Conscious of missing parts of your body or streaks?

A lotion would be best for you! Because a lotion is a thicker consistency, it takes longer to blend into the skin. This is great because it means more time to make sure you’re covering everywhere you need to!

Need a fast application?

A mousse seems like the one for you! It has a super fluffy texture and absorbs well into skin. Making it quicker to blend as it soaks into your skin almost instantly.

Don’t like waiting around for it to dry?

Our fastest drying tan is a mist! Because it’s a spray, you’ll never have the risk of applying too much. You’ll only need a thin layer of the mist so it dries almost instantly!

Don’t like the feeling of self-tan on your skin after applying?

We recommend a mousse! Its super lightweight and fluffy so you can barely tell it’s there whilst it’s developing.

Want ultimate control and precision?

A mist would be best for you! As it is a mist, you’re only going to get a light coating each time you pump more product out of the bottle. This is great as it makes it easy to be as neat as you want! It’s super buildable so you can get your desired application.

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