July 13, 2020

Xen-Tan’s Top 10 Tanning Tips

Whether you’re into self-tanning or spray tanning, you need to know these tanning tips!

  1. Prep your skin!

Prepping your skin is so important. Even though Xen-Tan is a nourishing, non-patchy, non-streaky formula, prepping that skin will ensure that you get the most flawless tan ever. You want to rid your skin of any dead skin cells. We recommend using Dermasuri’s body mitt, a deep exfoliation treatment that visibly removes any dead skin cells. You can buy yours here

  • Start on a clean canvas

This means no makeup, no moisturiser and no deodorant. Make sure your skin is clean when you’re applying your tan otherwise it won’t apply properly. Deodorant can react to tan, resulting in a green colour and any oils in makeup and moisturiser results in the tan not sticking to the skin properly.

  • Tackle those dry areas!

We recommend grabbing an oil-free moisturiser and using a small pea-sized amount on any dry areas of your body. Typically, areas such as; ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Or anywhere you have particularly dry skin. This will help avoid any dark patches which may occur from dehydrated skin. 

  • Protect your nails

Paint your nails or cover them with a little bit of Vaseline! This will stop the tan getting on your nails and turning them brown.  

  • Work your way up

When self-tanning, start with your feet and legs and tan upwards. This makes sure you avoid any tan gathering in any skin creases created from bending over and tanning the other parts of your body. We want flawless tans only!    

  • How to: hands, feet & face

These parts of our body require minimal tan in order to achieve that natural look! So, make sure to use a small amount, we recommend just using the remnants that are already on the mitt from tanning other parts of the body!

  • The touch dry test

Make sure you are touch dry before putting any clothes on! If you want to quicken up the drying process, you can grab the drier side of your mitt and gently pat your skin wherever it needs drying.

  • Washing off- Always pat!

Try and avoid washing with products containing oil as they will strip your skin of the tan! And when drying, never rub the towel against your skin. Always pat to dry! Rubbing the towel will only encourage more skin cells to come off, removing your gorgeous tanning results.

  • “It’s darker than I thought”

All our current tanning products achieve dark results. If this appears to be too dark for you, we recommend grabbing an exfoliation mitt with a small amount of body oil to gently massage the skin. This should take off the top layer of the tan!

  1. Stay hydrated

All our tanning products are designed to last longer with super nourishing ingredients. To get the maximum wear out of your tan, keep that skin hydrated! You can do this by drinking lots of water, using an oil-free body moisturiser daily and using our Fresh Prep Scrub. It’s a gentle exfoliator designed to keep your tan intact. Loosen dead skin cells without stripping your skin of your tan results. You can get yours here