August 02, 2020

How to Make your Tan Last Longer

Finding the perfect scrub for your skin whilst tanned is hard! If it’s too abrasive it will strip your tan away, but if it’s too gentle your skin won’t be fully hydrated.

Xen-Tan has the perfect solution! Say HELLO to our Fresh Prep Scrub. The perfect gentle scrub that hydrates your skin and encourages your tan to last even longer!

Its unique formula adjusts to your skin’s pH to achieve maximum self-tanning results. So, not only can you use it after you’ve tanned, but also before! Perfect for prepping skin AND boosting your tan’s longevity by keeping the skin hydrated and clear of any dead skin cells.

Just massage gently into wet skin and rinse off! It’s that easy.

It contains Aloe Vera, resulting in your skin feeling super soft & did we mention it smells gorgeous too!

You can shop our Fresh Prep Scrub here