August 24, 2020

Self-Tan Struggles Solved

We’ve all been there…whether its patchy skin, our hands have gone too dark or you can’t reach that spot on your back. We’ve found the solutions to ALL your self-tan struggles! Keep reading to know our secrets…

Darker than expected?
If your results turn out darker than you had hoped, don’t worry this can be solved with a quick fix! Just grab an exfoliation mitt and some body oil. Massage this onto the skin in circular motions to gently lift the top layer of the tan.

Beware “scaly” skin
It’s all in the prep! The nourishing ingredients in our Xen-Tan bottles never cause “scaly” skin when your tan begins to fade. However, if you struggle with dry skin, you may find this happens a lot with other tans. We recommend using Dermasuri’s body mitt (can be found on our website) to get rid of all those dead skin cells before your tan application and afterwards, moisturising and using our Fresh Prep Scrub daily. This will keep your skin hydrated to the max!

Dark Palms, Feet, Hands, Face…
You want to be careful with these areas of your body. To avoid tanning your palms, use a tanning mitt and be careful to avoid this area whilst tanning your hands. As for your feet, face and the top of your hands…don’t go reaching for the bottle! Just use the excess product already on your mitt to tan these areas.

Longing for that even tan
We want an even tan with no lines or creases. Always start from the bottom of your body and work upwards. This way, you shouldn’t be creating any extra lines or creases when bending over/reaching for other places to tan.

Tanning your back
You’ll never have to ask for help tanning your back again with our Hard to Reach Back Applicator. Comes with reusable soft pads that can be used with any of our self-tans! Tanning your back has never been so easy.

Tan-blocked pores
If you need to wax or shave, make sure you do this at least 24 hours prior to tanning. You also want to tan in a cool environment. Both steps will avoid tan getting into your pores.

Brown Nails
Make sure to paint your nails before tanning to avoid any product getting onto them. If you don’t have time, you can opt for a thin layer of Vaseline instead!

Avoid a patchy face!
To make the tan on your face look as natural as possible, we recommend blending well into the hairline and blend out any lines between the face and neck. All our current products are suitable for both face and body, you’ll only need a light sweep of product over the face- use the excess product leftover on your mitt!

Patchy skin/darker areas…
One word: moisturise! The ingredients in Xen-Tan are very nourishing and won’t result in patchy skin. However, if you suffer with dry skin or eczema, be sure to do this step in your next tanning session! Grab a light oil-free moisturiser to use as a barrier cream for your driest areas, this is likely to be your ankles, knees, elbows, knuckles, wrists.

Missed a bit!
This has happened to us all at some point. If you accidentally miss a bit and you have to go out after your tan has developed, just use an instant tan! Cover the area missed and blend well into the rest of your body so that your tan is even. We recommend our Flawless Logic. Also perfect for any last-minute tanners as it sets instantly!

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