September 14, 2020

Which Xen-Tan is right for you?

It’s a tricky decision but we’re here to help! From shades to texture, scent to guide colour, we’re about to cover all bases to help you find your perfect tan.

For paler skin tones looking for a medium, natural glow

We recommend our Deep Bronzing Lotion! This tan is the lightest of our range but will still help you to achieve a natural-looking tan. Its lotion consistency makes it super easy to blend and it has a sheer tinted guide colour- perfect for anyone new to tanning! It also has a gorgeous light vanilla scent.

For pale and light skin tones looking for a darker, natural-looking tan

Our Luxe Tanning Mousse would be perfect for you! Achieve a gorgeous dark tan best suited for both pale and light skin tones. Its light, foam consistency is perfect for anyone who hates the feel of tan on the skin just after you’ve applied. It also has a refreshing light grapefruit scent and goes on clear which means no stains on your bedsheets!

For pale/light/medium skin tones looking for the equivalent of our spray tans

We recommend our Instant Bronzing Mist! This heavenly product is the at-home version of our spray-tans. Its mist consistency allows for it to dry fast, making your application process quicker. It has a dark tinted guide colour, making it super easy for any beginners to check that you haven’t missed anywhere. It achieves a dark, resulting tan and smells like vanilla!

For light/medium skin tones who love the classic, dark Xen-Tan look

We’re known by fake tan lovers for our dark, natural-looking olive undertone. Our Classic Dark Lotion achieves just that! Still our well-loved formula but with added DHA and NaturaTan+ which will give you a darker tan which will last longer! Its lotion consistency makes it easy to blend and its dark tinted guide colour makes it super easy to apply. It achieves that dark, natural-looking tan complete with a gorgeous cherry almond scent that smells amazing!

For medium/deeper skin tones looking for a dark, natural tan

The darkest of our range, our Intense Tanning Lotion achieves an ultra-dark tan in just three hours! Its lotion consistency makes it easy to blend. It goes on clear, minimising the tan stains left on your bedsheets. It also has a heavenly cucumber melon scent.

All our range achieves long-wearing, natural-looking tan results in at least three hours. The ingredients make the tan super nourishing so it doesn’t dry out the skin and can fade naturally.

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