September 30, 2020

Autumn Tanning Tips

The weathers getting colder and the jumpers are beginning to make a comeback. Keep reading if you want to know our tips for getting a flawless tan this Autumn!

Prep That Skin

You should always prep your skin for tanning, however, it’s easier for our skin to dry out in the colder weather. The Dermasuri body mitt is the perfect accessory for your tanning routine! It removes all dead and dry skin, revealing glowing and healthy skin underneath. This will do amazing things for your fake tan results; smoother skin means even colour, no patches or dark areas. It will also last longer as the skin is more hydrated. And you will get more out of your tan as the product will be absorbed better!

Moisturise Daily

Keep the hydration within your skin by applying moisturiser every day! It will keep your colour darker for longer and will ensure it fades naturally with no “scaly effect.” We recommend using an oil-free moisturiser as oil can strip the tan off the skin.

Our Secret Weapon

Our Fresh Prep Scrub is the ultimate scrub for fake tan lovers! It’s unique formula gently loosens dead skin cells whilst keeping your tan intact. Perfect for keeping your skin healthy without having to strip away all your gorgeous tanning results.

Keep Drinking Water

In the colder weather, we love a hot mug of tea or coffee, but we forget to drink water! It’s a simple way of keeping your skin hydrated. We recommend filling a water bottle at the start of your day to remind yourself to keep drinking.

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