October 06, 2020

The Tan Commandments

The Tan Commandments for a flawless, gorgeous glow!

  1. Thou shalt prep the skin beforehand

Exfoliate and moisturise your skin in the days before tanning, we want an even and hydrated base! We recommend Dermasuri’s body mitt which can be found on our website for a thorough, deep exfoliation treatment.

  1. Thou shalt not wear makeup and deodorant

It’s important before you tan to make sure your skin is clean! This means no makeup, no body lotions, no deodorant etc

  1. Thou shalt moisturise daily

In the days leading up to tanning and the days following the application, moisturise daily! We recommend an oil-free moisturiser as sometimes oil can lift the tan off the skin.

  1. Thou shalt not shave or wax

Shaving and waxing can lift the tan off the skin. If you need to, we recommend doing this at least 24 hours before you tan.

  1. Thou shalt tan from the feet upwards

One of our top tips! Always tan from the feet upwards. This avoids any lines or creasing that might occur from bending over and moving as you tan the other parts of your body. It also makes it super easy to know where you’ve tanned if you’re using a clear self-tanner!

  1. Thou shalt not go swimming

Avoid the water! Chlorine in pools and hot tubs can lift the tan off the skin.

  1. Thou shalt hydrate the driest areas of the body beforehand

This is the one exception to moisturising your skin just before you tan! Use a small amount of oil-free moisturiser to hydrate those drier areas of the body; ankles, knees, elbows, wrists are the most common places.

  1. Thou shalt not rub the skin after showering

Pat don’t rub! When drying your skin after showering, avoid being too harsh on the skin and try to use a soft towel.

  1. Thou shalt use excess product for my hands

When tanning your hands, just use the excess tan that’s already on the mitt. This will help your hands to look as natural as possible.

  1. Thou shalt blend the tan into the hairline

Make sure to blend the tan into your hairline when tanning your face so that it can look as natural as possible!

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