October 12, 2020

Meet our Bestseller!

It’s always been a fan favourite! Our new and improved Classic Dark Lotion is still our most-loved self-tan. Keep reading to find out why…

Natural, olive-undertone

Our Classic Dark Lotion achieves dark results whilst remaining a natural look with its famous, olive-undertone.

Develops in just 3 hours

Yep you heard it correctly! All it takes to achieve those dark results is 3 hours minimum. Perfect for those last-minute tanners.

Longer-lasting DHA and NaturaTan+

Our new and improved Classic Dark Lotion has the same formula except with added DHA and NaturaTan+. This means you get a longer, darker tan! When the skin is prepped well and looked after, your tan can last as long as 10 days.

Nourishing Ingredients

This product is full of natural, nourishing ingredients. This means no patchy results and no “scaly” effect. Your tan will fade naturally whilst keeping the skin hydrated. (We still recommend moisturising your skin daily as normal with your favourite moisturiser!)

Dark Tinted Guide Colour

A tinted guide colour makes it super easy to apply the tan, perfect for both beginners and advanced tanners!

Smells amazing

One thing Xen-Tan lovers always say is that our products smell amazing- no biscuit smell! Our Classic Dark Lotion has a delicious cherry, almond scent.

Grab yours here!