November 17, 2020

How do I prolong my self-tanning results?

All of Xen-Tan’s self-tanning products contain the best, nourishing ingredients as well as the perfect amount of DHA and NaturaTan+ to achieve those gorgeous, dark results.

This makes the formula ideal for achieving a long-lasting tan, and when your tan is well looked after it can last up to 10 days! Here’s how…

Prep the skin properly

You want to give your tan the best canvas to work on! To achieve super hydrated, smooth skin before tanning, we recommend the Dermasuri body mitt. After soaking the skin in water, the Dermasuri body mitt will visibly remove all dead skin cells revealing glowing, smooth skin underneath. And it’s available on our website for just £12.99! The right preparation will ensure you avoid any patchiness and the tan will be better absorbed.

Apply onto clean skin

This means no body lotion, no makeup and no deodorant! This could put your tan at risk of turning green, not developing properly and patchy results. Make sure to have clean skin when you apply the tan to achieve even, dark results.

Leave on for at least 3 hours

All our self-tans take just 3 hours to fully develop! So, make sure you keep your skin away from any liquids or water for that amount of time to avoid any streaks. Leaving your tan on for longer than 3 hours will not affect your results if you wish to wear it overnight.

Short showers and pat dry!

We recommend avoiding long showers and the use of any bathing products with oil in them. Oil can lift tanning results from the skin so it’s better to use bathing products only where you absolutely need them and wash them off straight away. After showering, make sure to pat dry with a soft towel. This will help to keep your tan intact for longer!

Keep the skin hydrated

You can do this by drinking more water, using body moisturisers and using a gentle scrub whenever needed. Our Fresh Prep Scrub was designed for use before and after tan application. It’s perfect for gently loosening any dead skin cells without lifting any tanning results from the skin. And it’s just £17.99 on our website!

Avoid swimming, waxing & shaving!

Swimming in chlorine or salt water, waxing and shaving all contributes to lifting the tan from the skin and therefore, cutting your tanning results short. If you need to wax or shave, we recommend doing this at least 48 hours BEFORE you apply your tan.

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