December 08, 2020

Your Weekly Tanning Routine Perfected!

One for the fake tan junkies!

Here’s our best tips for keeping on top of that flawless tan every week…

The perfect prep

Dermasuri’s exfoliating tanning mitt is the perfect prep before applying tan. It will get rid of all dead skin cells, leaving a smooth and clean surface ready for your tan! It will also get rid of any tan residue that you want to get rid of before applying a fresh layer.

Keep your skin hydrated always!

Besides drinking water and moisturising daily, you want to exfoliate the skin gently particularly when you’re coming towards applying a fresh layer. Our Fresh Prep Scrub is designed to be used before and after applying your tan. It contains aloe vera to keep the skin feeling nourished and won’t ever strip away your tanning results!

Pay attention to the driest areas of your body

Areas like our hands, ankles, knees, elbows etc can easily get super dry and sometimes patchy if we’re not careful! Especially if you’re applying tan often. Always use excess product from your mitt on these areas so that there isn’t loads of product being used, exfoliate these areas often and apply a pea-sized amount of oil-free moisturiser on those areas right before applying your tan.  

Make application easy

Our Hard to Reach Back Applicator makes applying fake tan all by yourself super easy! It’s a must have if you’re a regular self-tanner. Applying your fake tan won’t feel like so much effort anymore!

Reapply with confidence!

All of Xen-Tan’s self-tans contain the best, nourishing ingredients for a long-lasting tan so you can reapply with confidence! It won’t ever dry out the skin and will always fade naturally.

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