February 02, 2021

Valentine’s Day Ready

Whether it’s Valentines or Galentines, we see no reason why we can’t be glowing and bronzed from home! Here’s our step by step guide to get Valentine’s Day ready.

Prep your skin

It’s the most important step to achieving the most flawless tan! Our Fresh Prep Scrub is perfect for use in the days leading up to applying your tan as its unique formula adjusts to your skin’s pH to achieve maximum self-tanning results. The aloe vera will also nourish your skin, leaving you feeling hydrated and refreshed.

For a deeper exfoliation, Dermasuri have an award-winning body mitt which visibly removes dead skin cells! You’ll watch all your dead skin and any remnants of previous fake tan roll right off the skin. It won’t agitate your skin but will leave it feeling super smooth and hydrated, the perfect base for flawless tanning results.

Choose your tan

Here at Xen-Tan, we have a gorgeous range of self-tanning mousse, mist and lotions. All of them will help you to achieve a flawless, natural-looking tan and they all smell delicious. (No biscuit smell!)

For our signature olive-undertone, we recommend our bestseller, Classic Dark Lotion. A rich lotion that’s tinted and blends easily, great for both beginners and fake tan lovers!

If you’re a big fan of our professional spray tan results, we recommend our Instant Bronzing Mist! Super light and easy to apply, this product will satisfy those Xen-Tan babes that are missing heading into the salon.

For ultra-dark results, our Intense Tanning Lotion is the one for you. Infused with the most DHA and NaturaTan+, it’s our darkest tan yet! And it only needs three hours to develop.

Flawless Makeup Ready

Dermasuri have also released a Face mitt which is an absolute game changer! Get ready for flawless makeup to match your flawless tanning results. The face mitt can be used to buff and cleanse the skin, removing any impurities along the way. It will also leave your skin glowing and super smooth, perfect as a base for your makeup and your skincare products will absorb so much better too!

And don’t forget…

Wear an outfit that shows off your tan! Whether you’re chilling in loungewear or getting dressed to the nines, don’t forget to show off those gorgeous, tanning results and tag us in any pics you take!

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