February 09, 2021

Busting those self-tanning myths!

Fake tan can get a bad rep sometimes, mainly because of those “fake tanning disaster!” stories we hear about or that one time you had a #faketanfail and refused to try it ever again. We want to reassure you and help separate the myth from the truth…

“The only way to be streak-free is with a spray tan”

Wrong! Spray tans are great and are the easiest way to get that glow, however, it isn’t the only way you’re going to achieve a non-streaky look. All you need is a trustworthy tan and a good mitt! Here at Xen-Tan, all our self-tans are filled with the best ingredients and designed to be super blend able, meaning it’s very hard for it to result in streaks. And it’s super easy with our Luxury Tanning Mitt too! Just massage the product in circular motions all over your body, we guarantee you’ll be streak-free!

“If you wear fake tan, you’ll end up smelling like biscuits”

One thing we pride ourselves on is the scents of our products, we want only a luxury experience for our customers and that means absolutely NO biscuit smell. Each of our self-tans has its own delicious scent, from cherry almond to vanilla. You won’t be able to get enough!

“Fake tan looks fake”

We did not create our gorgeous, high quality formula just for you to look fake! Our signature olive-undertone makes sure your tanning results are dark but natural-looking. It’s never orange, people will be asking where you’ve been on holiday! 😉

“You don’t need to prep your skin to achieve a good tan”

The most important step of your flawless tan results is never the fake tan application, but the prep you do beforehand! You want to make sure you create the best base for your tan to work on. Just like your makeup, you wouldn’t apply foundation over skin that hadn’t been cleansed, moisturised or primed. Because you know that’s what really creates those super smooth, flawless results. Well, it’s the same with your body! Make sure you exfoliate, moisturise and keep that skin super nourished to achieve those long-lasting flawless fake tan results.

“You don’t need sun protection when you’ve got fake tan on”

This one’s super important! Fake tan DOES NOT protect you from the sun. It’s a common mistake people make believing that it creates a barrier over the skin. You still need that sun protection, we recommend going for a nourishing one that keeps your skin hydrated, as the sun can sometimes dry out your skin, resulting in your fake tanning results being cut short.

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