February 16, 2021

How do I pick the right tan?

Here at Xen-Tan, we have a gorgeous range of five self-tanners all designed to help you to achieve a dark, long-lasting tan. Infused with the most nourishing ingredients, they’re super hydrating for your skin and only take 3 hours to develop! But how do you know which one is the best choice for you? Use this handy guide to help you make the right decision…

What’s your desired shade?

Whilst all our self-tanners promise dark results, depending on your skin tone, some will be better than others if you want to go as dark as you can or just want a natural glow! Use our swatch guide below and see which shade would be best for your skin tone and desired shade.

Choose your type

We currently have tans available as a lotion, mousse or mist. Whilst they all blend easily, some dry quicker and need to be applied faster than others. The lotions are the better choice for anyone who likes to take their time and doesn’t mind waiting a little for their tan to dry completely- perfect for beginners! If you prefer a lightweight formula, the mousse or mist is a better choice for you. They dry slightly quicker, but this means you have less time to blend too- great for last minute tanners.

Are you a beginner?

One thing beginner tanners worry about…patches! Now, our tan never goes patchy and requires minimal effort for an even colour. However, if you are worried about missing areas and aren’t experienced in tanning, a tinted guide colour might be the best option for you! Our Classic Dark Lotion and Instant Bronzing Mist both have dark tinted guide colours and our Deep Bronzing Lotion has a lighter guide colour. This means you’ll be able to see where the tan is going as it is applied- making your tanning experience run as smoothly as possible!

Which scent would you prefer?

One thing Xen-Tan are known for is our incredible, gorgeous scents created for our tans. You can opt for a fresher scent like cucumber melon (Intense Tanning Lotion) or light grapefruit (Luxe Tanning Mousse.) We also have more delicious scents such as cherry almond (Classic Dark Lotion) or light vanilla (Instant Bronzing Mist and Deep Bronzing Lotion.) Never any biscuit smells, just pure luxury!

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