March 02, 2021

5 Common Self-Tan Fails…and how to avoid them!

Whether you’re scared to try fake tan, or you had a #FakeTanFail and you’re not sure how-to comeback from it, we’re here to help! Put your mind at ease and find out how you can avoid the most common fails when it comes to fake tan.

  1. Missing Areas

    Have you ever woken up from tanning the night before and realising you missed a whole chunk of your body ($*%!!), it’s so annoying and difficult to fix for the day when you don’t have an instant tan to hand. Thankfully, every one of Xen-Tan’s self-tanners is super blendable, making it very easy to ensure an even tan. If you’re a beginner or you need a little more reassurance, we recommend opting for a tan with a guide colour, therefore, you can double check you’ve covered all areas when you’ve finished applying!

  2. Orange Hands

    This fake tan fail is super hard to hide once it’s happened. To avoid those dark hands, make sure you use a very small amount of tan for this area. You can use the excess tan on your mitt from doing your arms, or if you need to pump more product out, make sure you use a single pea-sized amount maximum for each hand. If you’re unfortunate enough to have made this mistake, a handy little tip to know is that oil lifts tan! So, if you have oil-based hand cream or body oil, this may help to ease the appearance of the tan a little.

  3. “Scaly” tan

    A common fail is the “scaly” tan effect that can happen a couple days after the tan is first applied, meaning your tan only looks good for a very short period of time. This tends to mean your skin is craving hydration! Luckily, all Xen-Tan’s products are filled with the most nourishing ingredients so it will never dehydrate your skin. However, for the best results, you need to make sure you’re prepping your skin correctly and taking good care of it afterwards too! We recommend exfoliating and moisturising in the days leading up to applying. This will ensure your skin is in the best condition to act as a base for your tan. Try to apply an oil-free body moisturiser in the days after applying your tan. This will keep your skin hydrated and ensure that the tan fades the same as a natural tan would, making it super easy for when you want to add another layer!

  4. Lines around the face

    Tanning your face may seem scary but we promise it’s super easy! We recommend getting a pea sized amount of self-tanner on the tip of your mitt and begin blending it on the face. Make sure you begin to blend the colour down the neck to avoid lines on your chin and blend the edges outwards into the hairline to avoid any white lines around the outside areas of your face. Never use too much product on the face and blend it evenly!

  5. Dark, dry patches

    Dark patches tend to happen when that area of skin is dry and so, it causes the tan to gather rather than blend into the skin evenly. Common areas where this happens are the knees, ankles, elbows and around the armpits. To avoid this from happening, make sure these areas aren’t getting neglected when you moisturise your body. And a little trick is to use a very small amount of moisturiser on those drier areas just before you apply your fake tan. It will lighten the tan on these areas, and they won’t appear as dark.

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