March 09, 2021

Missing Your Spray Tans?

National Spray Tan Day was last weekend & it had us reminiscing about spray tans! We love seeing our spray tan results in the salons & it’s not long to go until they’re back open.

But for those spray tan lovers, we have something for you in the meantime…

Did you know our Instant Bronzing Mist strives to achieve the same results as our spray solutions?!

Sadly, no friendly chit chat or application done for you included ☹

Fortunately, our Instant Bronzing Mist is still super easy to apply with our Luxury Tanning Mitt, it’s super blend able and has a dark tinted guide colour so you can see exactly where you’ve applied.

(Its light vanilla scent is delicious too!)

With our nourishing ingredients and added DHA, it will last as long as your spray tan results also.

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