April 11, 2021

The Salons Are Back! Here’s how to prep

Beauty salons reopened on the 12th April which can mean one thing…the wait for a beloved spray tan is over!!!

But before you head into the salon, make sure you’ve done your prep so that you achieve the best results ever.

We recommend using Dermasuri’s Body Mitt, £12.99 and Back Scrub, £15.99 at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure your skin is the perfect canvas for that spray solution.

These two game-changers will help to visibly remove all dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the skin. Revealing healthy, clean and hydrated skin underneath.

Exfoliate using these two products and follow with your favourite body moisturiser. Your skin will absorb products so much better now too, leaving your skin feeling super nourished!

What happens if I don’t exfoliate and moisturise beforehand?

  • Your results won’t last as long
  • The colour won’t be as dark on your skin
  • Your tan might not be even and on the dry areas of your body, it may be patchy
  • Your results won’t fade naturally

Please support your local beauty salons as they reopen and don’t forget to do that important prep beforehand to achieve heavenly spray tan results!

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