April 27, 2021

Our Darkest Tan Takes Only 3 Hours to Develop

You can expect nothing less than a rich, deep tan with our Intense Tanning Lotion. And it only needs 3 hours to develop! (Perfect for last minute tanners.)

Here’s some of it’s amazing benefits:

No sheet transfer!

Our Intense Tanning Lotion goes on clear. Whilst there is no guide colour, the clear lotion stops your sheets from turning brown every time you tan.

It’s super long lasting.

Our Intense Tanning Lotion can last up to 7-10 days. We recommend a thorough body exfoliation beforehand using Dermasuri’s Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt and regular use of nourishing body lotions to keep your skin in the best condition for maintaining your tan results.

It smells fresh!

No biscuit smell here. Our Intense Tanning Lotion has a refreshing cucumber melon scent. (Deliciously smelling products is something we’re known for! 😊)

Super easy for blending

The clear lotion blends into the skin immediately upon application, making the application process quick and easy!

No “scaly” skin

Our tanning products are always packed full of the most nourishing ingredients. This makes sure your tan will fade naturally and not leave you with patchy, “scaly” skin.

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