May 25, 2021

Must Dos to Be “21st June Ready”

It’s less than a month away. The 21st June is fast approaching so make sure that you’re ready! Here’s our guide to making sure your tan is as flawless as it should be for the big day.

First, pick your tan

We have 5 fabulous self-tanning products to give you a gorgeous olive under-toned tan. For dark tanners, we would recommend our Intense Tanning Lotion which contains the most DHA out of all our tans. For those that prefer a lighter glow, we would recommend our Deep Bronzing Lotion or Luxe Tanning Mousse. The mousse especially is perfect for anyone that hates the feeling of tan on their skin straight after application- it’s super light! For our Xen-Tan junkies, you’ll probably fall in love with our Classic Dark Lotion and Instant Bronzing Mist. Our two bestselling products that strive to achieve the signature Xen-Tan colour and they smell heavenly!

@daraflorence wearing our Instant Bronzing Mist

Secondly, create the perfect base for your tan

The secret to a flawless tan? (Besides jampacking only the best ingredients into our bottles!) Providing your tan with the best canvas to work with. You want to make sure your skin is rejuvenated, clean, smooth and hydrated. We always recommend Dermasuri’s Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt. It is an absolute gamechanger and is available on our website too! All it takes is a hot shower/bath and the body mitt to remove any dead skin cells- you’ll see them roll right off the skin! This is also perfect for weekly tanners; it instantly removes any old tan before you want to apply a fresh layer. You’ll be left with fresh, healthy skin and your products will be absorbed so much more effectively too. We recommend doing this at least 24 hours before applying your tan and following your Dermasuri treatment with a body moisturiser to get your skin in the most hydrated condition. If you also need to shave or wax, try and do this 24-48 hours before you apply your tan too!

Dermasuri’s Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt

The Night Before

Grab your fave bottle of Xen-Tan and get to work! Using our Luxury Tanning Mitt, begin blending the product onto the skin in circular motions. We recommend tanning from the feet upwards to avoid any creasing. If you have any particularly dry areas of skin, commonly the elbows, knees and ankles, apply a small amount of oil-free moisturiser just before applying the tan for extra hydration. Don’t worry if you’re tanning last minute, all our products only need at least 3 hours to develop! Painting your nails? We recommend doing this before you tan, this will help to create a barrier between your nails and the fake tan, you can simply clean the nails with a baby wipe after application if you need to.

@kellirobbx wearing our Classic Dark Lotion


We recommend rinsing off the top layer of your tan after it has developed. Try to avoid shaving foams, hot water temperatures, oil-based products as this can strip the colour from the skin! Apply your fave body moisturiser fresh out of the shower to keep your skin hydrated and continue to moisturise daily. Now all that’s left to do is your hair, makeup, outfit on and you’re ready to go!

@shannongarnett_ wearing our Classic Dark Lotion

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