June 08, 2021

The Best Exfoliating Mitt We Have Tried!

Exfoliating is essential prep when it comes to self-tanning! Removing all those pesky dead skin cells helps to keep the skin hydrated and smooth, resulting in more even, flawless tanning results. We’ve tried and tested so many scrubs and mitts/gloves that would fit perfectly with our tan. And we’ve found it!

Dermasuri has a deep exfoliating range with tools to use on the face, back and body. Their award-winning body mitt is their no 1 bestseller and we can see why!

All it takes is adding water and you’ll see all your dead skin roll away. We recommend using it 24 hours before tanning and applying your favourite body moisturiser afterwards too.

Other benefits include reduced risk of ingrown hairs, collagen stimulation, minimising the risk of breakouts and a subtle, healthy glow.

The Dermasuri mitt is also amazing at erasing any tanning mistakes. Ever tanned without exfoliating or moisturising? You will most probably end up with a patchy tan if your skin is super dry! The Dermasuri mitt will remove any old tan/patchy results and leave your skin hydrated and healthy.

You can grab Dermasuri’s range on our website, including their bestselling Deep Exfoliating Body Mitt for just £12.99! It’s an absolute gamechanger…

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