Be perfectly bronzed with these handy tips & tricks!


Prepping your tan is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you want to get the most out of your tanning product!

Be sure to EXFOLIATE using our Fresh Prep Scrub a couple of days before application, concentrating on any particularly dry areas e.g. ankles, knees, elbows and wrists.

If you need to REMOVE ANY HAIR, do this before you apply your tan or you will strip your skin of the colour. We recommend waxing or shaving at least 10 hours before you tan.

MOISTURISE the day before you tan (preferable with an oil free formula!)

Make sure that your skin is FREE FROM deodorant, any creams or makeup right before you tan.


Grab our Luxury Tanning Mitt and tan from the feet upwards. (This will avoid any unwanted smudging!)

Pop some of your favourite tanning product onto the mitt and apply in LARGE, SWEEPING MOTIONS. Lightly glide over areas such as; ankles, knees, elbows, feet and any particularly  dry areas.

ONLY tan the tops of the feet and lightly blend down the sides.

Use LEFTOVER PRODUCT on your mitt when tanning your hands and face.

Never worry about needing an extra pair of hands when tanning your back with our Hard to Reach Back Applicator!

After tanning, make sure the tan is TOUCH DRY before getting dressed and wear lose, dark clothing. There’s nothing worse than ruining the development of your tan with a pair of skinny jeans or a tight bra.

Be sure to remember your flip flops if you need to wear shoes after!


PAT DRY after showering and moisturise a couple of days after application for an even fade.


Avoid harsh substances such as; chlorine, acne treatments, anything containing alcohol, waxing strips, salt water.

Most importantly, STAY HYDRATED! Keep drinking water and moisturise, particularly if you are in hot weather where your skin is more likely to become dry. PLEASE NOTE sunless tanning products do not protect you from UV rays. Please use sun cream when needed.

HOLIDAY TIP: Need to keep that deep tan lasting longer than 10 days? Don’t be afraid to add another thin layer of self tan when yours begins to fade.


Grab yourself a Glowgetter Gift Set for the ultimate radiant tan. Or try adding Flawless Logic on top of your usual tan to your collarbones and down your shins.


“My tan is darker than expected!”

No need to worry, just grab an exfoliator mitt and some body oil. Gentle massage into the skin to bring off the top layer of your tan.

“I thought I applied my tan evenly, but now it’s all patchy!”

Prepping your skin is so important for a smooth, even application. Grab yourself a Fresh Prep Scrub, the ultimate saviour for dry skin!